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COVID-19 Biological Risk Management for Workers

Target Audience

This course is tailored for all workers who are required to be physically present in the workplace, facing potential exposure to biological contaminants, particularly amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Objectives and Purpose

Our comprehensive course equips workers with the necessary knowledge and skills to mitigate the risks of contagion and contamination, emphasizing the importance of reducing exposure to biological hazards, with a specific focus on COVID-19.

Reference Legislation

The course aligns with Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments, as well as DECREE-LAW 19 May 2020, n. 34.

Duration and Format

Spanning 4 hours, the course is conveniently available in e-learning format, facilitated through advanced Learning Management System (LMS) technology. This ensures seamless monitoring, certification, and tracking of each participant’s educational progress.

Course Curriculum

  • Understanding the Coronavirus
  • Ensuring Worker Safety amidst COVID-19
  • Interactive Dialogue on COVID-19 (FAQs)
  • Proper Handwashing Techniques
  • Special Considerations for Women and Children
  • Managing COVID-19 Risks for Travelers
  • Utilizing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Recognizing and Mitigating COVID-19 Transmission
  • Strategies to Prevent Burnout for Healthcare Professionals
  • Ten Key Behaviors to Minimize Biological Risk
  • Guidance for Handling Doubts and Concerns

Assessment and Certification

Learning verification is conducted through tests featuring multiple-choice questions integrated into the e-learning platform. Upon completion, participants receive a PDF certificate of attendance, recognizing their proficiency in managing COVID-19 biological risks.

By completing this course, workers gain valuable insights and practical strategies to protect themselves and others from the ongoing threat posed by biological contaminants, particularly COVID-19, contributing to a safer and healthier workplace environment.

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